How important is food safety to you and your business?

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Senior Food Safety Specialist
Aug 11, 2020

It is observed in the recent times, that both consumers and providers have acquired the knowledge of basic food safety requirements and thanks to that knowledge people are no longer ready to compromise on the aspect of food safety or its quality, they now understand it’s their basic right to get “hygienic and safe food”.



And here comes the biggest question of all time “how safe is your food”? Yes! No! Or don’t know? We all have the means to find out, wondering how?


Ask these basic questions to understand and find out, whether your facility is food safe or not?

  • Is the staff, who is preparing and handling food trained on the basics of ‘food safety and hygiene’ standards?
  • Do you have the basic FSMS (food safety management system) in place to avoid or eliminate potential hazards/risks?
  • Do you maintain a cleaning schedule and hygiene standards to ensure food and staff remain safe and healthy?
  • Do you have a pest control plan and schedule in place to protect your food from getting spoiled or contaminated along with effective and periodic waste removal to ensure pests don’t get attracted to your facility?
  • Did you get your food handlers medically checked as per standards of the FSSAI?
  • And if the answer to all of the above questions is a ‘yes’, then ask ‘do you carryout periodic inspections or audits by food safety professionals to identify risks and help you tackle it’?


Well, to all this and more, we have an answer and a ready solution to your ‘food safety and hygiene’ associated challenges, with our team of food safety and hygiene-subject matter experts and well experienced professionals, we help and support you to achieve your food safety goals and thereby build a sustainable relationship with your customers, which has worth its weight in gold!