Diversey VeriClean System - NZ

Diversey VeriClean System Program is an evidence-based approach to improve the cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces by integrating products, processes, training and validation for your facility.

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  • The Diversey Vericlean Fluorescent Marking Spray can be applied to vertical, horizontal or the underside of surfaces with ease. Marked surfaces are easy to detect. The sprayer applies a large circle (15cm diameter), giving better clarity to the quality of cleaning than a single spot
  • Easy to remove with chemical and mechanical action. The spray, when dry, is invisible to the naked eye, but is easy to detect with a black light.
  • Collect data with validation sheet.
  • Diversey Vericlean pen and torch

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Applicable on any hard, non-porous surface
6 x 10mL


Safety Data Sheets

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