Dilution control technology

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Designed with Safety in Mind

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Accurately dosed concentrated products. The unique dosing head incorporated into the J-Flex pack is specially calibrated for each product and ensures that the right solution is available for use every time.

Versatility and flexibility. Because the J-Flex unit has the option to deliver two levels of dilution and water flow the same product can be used in spray bottle and bucket applications. The simple plug in hose connector makes the system truly portable.

Absolute reliability. The J-Flex system is unique in that the entire dilution control unit is disposable. This effectively eliminates the risk of breakdown or inaccurate dosing due to poor maintenance.

Simplicity and safety. With its simple “plug in – pull out” hose connector, its colour coded labels with clear application icons and dilution symbols, the J-Flex system is easy to train in and easy to use. The sealed “Spill Tite” packaging system ensures that operators can never come into contact with the concentrated product.